sketch3A Nelessen Associates (ANA) is an award winning visioning, urban planning, and design firm that believes in building healthy, sustainable, green, pedestrian and bicycle oriented, mixed use, transit dependant cities, towns and neighborhoods.

As a pioneer in the field of urban planning and design through public participation, ANA uses a proven community visioning process and commanding public presentations to translate people’s vision into plans and codes for the public and private sectors.  Called Vision Planning, it is an innovative planning and design tool that allows citizens, government officials, builders, and all other interested parties to participate in developing a common vision for a single parcel of land, a downtown, a city, an entire county  or region. ANA utilizes computer-based mapping, advanced simulation techniques and its trademarked Visual Preference SurveyTM, that enables diverse groups to build this realistic consensus visions for future growth and development.

The translation of the results of the vision process into plans and codes has led the firm to become planners and designers for more humanistic and sustainable development, safer, healthier and affordable quality of life. Development plans bearing the firm’s signature combine the timeless elements of traditional community life with essential elements of modern living in order to create places of special pride, delight and value.

We strive to accomplish this through a high level of  professionalism, our trademarked community visioning process, innovative land planning and urban design and years of public feedback as to places and spaces that are appropriate now and in the future to a wide range of people.

ANA has wide-reaching experience in North America and Europe and serves a diverse body of clients ranging from private developers to municipal, state, and federal agencies.