Residential Design and Interiors.

Throughout his design career, Anton Nelessen and Associates has renovated multiple lofts, homes and industrial structures.  These structures have been reclaimed, renovated and restored into homes and office/homes.

The most recent is located in Belle Mead, NJ, and just outside Princeton , on the Bidens Brook, adjacent to  the State of New Jersey  Millstone River Road  Corridor and Montgomery Green Acres.   The  49 River Road house called “atrium on the brook” was initially designed by William Thompson in 1964.  It was one of the first passive solar houses embracing a 30 by 70 foot green house with an interior salt pool.  The house has undergone significant renovation on the same footprint.  The images here represent the most recent exterior, landscaping and renovation maintaining the initial mid sixty’s look.  The interior has been completely renovated using timeless beauty of stone floors, opalescent walls that are washed by color skylights.  Several out buildings were designed to complement the landscape and the design of the house.

The interior are an eclectic mix of Chinese, modern and contemporary furniture and accents  complemented with a range of traditional and modern paintings.