Hoboken - 15th St Redevelopment

This was one of largest proposed redevelopment plans in Hoboken. The concept was to bridge over approximately 65 acres of land in the Northern industrial area of Hoboken. Much of the land is occupied by the Academy Bus Company parking lots. Multiple concepts were designed for the site. The one presented here allows most of the ground level land uses to remain by designing a multi-level 60 by 120 grid over most of the area in-filled with standard T slabs. The inspiration for this was the Atlantic Yards in Mid-Town Atlanta. This stepped mega-deck would provide multi-level parking for the new used designed for the site as well as future intercept parking for Hoboken which suffers from internal parking shortages. A total of 7,304 parking spaces would be provided with over 2,000 spaces allocated to public parking. The top level would be a “new earth” with a total 52 acres of new parks and open spaces. One major street was designed along the existing 15 th street terminating in a new light rail station at one end and a new public plaza on the other. This street would have a range of retails experiences on the sidewalk level. A number of mixed-use building types were designed that used a six story masonry base to complement the existing scale and character of most of the existing buildings in Hoboken. The upper level would be designed primary in glass. One tall high-rise was recommended as the signature structure. Approximately 400,000 square foot or commercial/retail is proposed with approximately 4,200 units of new housing.

Although it had developer interest, the concept was not realized.