Bayfront Traditional Neighborhood Redevelopment Plan

.The award winning Bayfront Traditional Neighborhood Developed is proposed on a 100 acre brown field site, that has undergone significant site remediation by the Honeywell Corporation.  It is tagged as now being one of the cleanest sites in Jersey City.  This designed millennial neighborhood and transit center will be a new, mixed-use, sustainable green portion of Jersey City.  Containing from 4,500 to up to 8,000 housing units, 600,000 square feet of retail and 1,000,000 square feet of offices as well as 20 acres of parks, Bayfront  will be a place where one can live, work, recreate and learn.  This will be walkable, bicycle and light rail oriented. It optimizes the desires of the upcoming Millennial generation.  

A form based  redevelopment plan and the form-based code  was adopted by the city to assure form, quality and character.   Included is a Building Regulating Plan, a Mobility and Movement plan, a Landscape Plan, an Infrastructure and Parking Plan with Architectural Guidelines and Regulations. 

This is the largest area, contiguous mixed-use redevelopment plan in the State of New Jersey.


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