ROBBINSVILLE TOWN CENTER     Robbinsville,  New Jersey

This town center is a thriving town center with its adjoining neighborhoods despite continued sprawl development in the adjacent towns.  The Washington Town Center was the first neo-traditional development of this type to be planned, and constructed in the State of New Jersey.

The Master Plan that first recommended a town center with rural preservation was completed by Hintz/Nelessen Associates in 1985. It was one of the first use of the McHarg Overlay Technique that would determine land most suitable for development and areas of preservation.  It was the first use of the Visual Preference Survey for a Comprehensive Plan and determined the “vision” of a new town center. 

The concept and first site plan was designed by A Nelessen Associates, with a unique approach to “zoning” and  implement the plan.  It was the first Form-Based Development Code in New Jersey consisting of a Building Regulating Plan, a Building Regulating Plan an Architectural/Landscape Regulating plan and a photographic Design Vocabulary.

The town planner for the project was Bob Melvin a landscape architect who introduced more small parks into the plan and supervised the small modification made to the original plan

It received multiple awards.  The National Charter Award from the Congress for the New Urbanism for Planning and Design Excellence in 2001. The Best Rural/Exurban Smart Growth Neighborhood Community Award in 2008, New Jersey Future Smart Growth Award in 2010

The Town center is being constructed by Sharbell Development Corporation.

Currently over 1200 units consisting of single family, townhouses, duplexes mixed-use units and lofts. Every unit is designed to be within walking or bicycle distance to the mixed-use retail center. Each neighborhood focuses on a local park with a larger community park weaving through the neighborhoods.  The focus on one is a large pond with community paths.